In 1986 three years after the introduction of the compact Disc "Stereo Records" was formed to release the recorded works of "The Maximum Effect" on spinning vinyl.

The plan was to start with a 7" single, and then a full length Maximum Effect album, but sadly the economic climate of the mid 1980's and the defection of lynch pin drummer "Mick Stupp" meant that after one release the company went silent.

We did briefly try to stir up some interest in the mid to late 1990's with a controversial "MP3 on CD" compilation release (now deleted) but the Internet wasn't yet widely in use and so it disappeared without trace (RIP: Mono-02).

Following some live activity in 2008, "Krankschaft" decided to record a studio album, and naturally the best company to release it was Stereo Records.

So we're back, 3 years prior to the disappearance of the compact disc, Stereo Records have returned, with one aim: "To bring you nothing but the best in rotating musical middleware"..